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The Incredible Story Of How Priyanka Bansal Succeeded In Reducing 42 pounds

Name: Priyanka

Age: 25 years

Family Position: Engaged

Profession: Working

Place of Birth: Agra, India

Height: 5 feet 2 inches

Initial Weight: 150 pounds

Present Weight: 117 pounds

Present Waist Size: 29 inches

The Weight Reduction Interview of Priyanka!

How much were you successful in losing (inches, pounds, dress/pants size)?

I have succeeded in losing as much as 42 pounds till now!

At what point did you feel dissatisfied with your weight (did you suffer from obesity while you were a child or did you start suffering from this problem while you became an adult)?

I started getting frustrated regarding my weight when I watched my own pictures and was not able to find a single good photo. It became a tough thing to purchase any cloth that would fit me and I often became very depressed since I was required to stay at the house and not go anywhere else.

What prompted you to take the decision to shed pounds?

I took the decision to become slim when I tried to appear healthy and attractive. Besides this, I also had a desire to lead an active lifestyle and perform many more things outdoors as well as really enjoy nature.

What had been the most significant alterations that were made by you to lose the excess fat?

I began to consume healthy while watching my portion sizes and also counting calories. Apart from this, I began to perform strenuous workouts at the fitness center. These are the most significant changes made by me to shed the excess weight.

What had been the toughest thing that you were required to confront with while you were trying to lose the unwanted weight from your body?

While I was trying to reduce my weight, I had to face some challenging things and these were my workouts as well as finding the proper items to consume at the proper time.

Within how much time were you able to observe the desired outcomes?

I started observing the desired outcomes after a certain period of time. Unfortunately, I did not attend my gym sessions on a regular basis and I also did not focus properly on my diet regime as well as the food items which I consumed.

After how much time were you able to reach your present weight?

I did not attain my target overnight and it took nearly one and a half years to shed the excess pounds! In fact, I did manage to average approximately one kg every month (*).

Since how long have you been maintaining your weight reduction and what are the most significant aspects that are helping you to keep it off?

Well, it has been 4 months right now that I have quit visiting the fitness center and also stopped all my exercises. However, I am still very much conscious of whatever I consume in my daily diet. There have been certain points when I do feel any extra weight gain or maybe additional skin and at these times I try to minimize the intake of my calories while becoming more and more active.

How do you manage to keep motivated while continuing your weight reduction success?

There are several factors which help me to keep motivated during my weight reduction quest. I usually become inspired when my friends and family members compliment me and also request me for advice. I really feel elated as well as confident watching myself while standing in front of the mirror. In this way, I feel much more active as well as healthy also. I become scared of getting back that old fat body and this feeling is enough to help me to get motivated to perform exercises as well as maintain a strict diet during my weight reduction journey.

How has your life transformed after you have been able to lose a significant amount of weight?

After losing the above-mentioned weight I have turned out to be a new individual who enjoys venturing outside as well as mingling with new individuals. At present, I have become much more assured of myself as well as active. It really is great to realize the fact that my weight will no longer be a hindrance to my appearance anymore.

What advice would you like to provide others who are also making efforts to shed the extra pounds?

I would feel really happy to provide my advice to other individuals that are also making an effort to lose weight. I request all those individuals to stay motivated as well as disciplined. I would like to request them not to cheat. Rather, they should be crazy to achieve the dream figure and you will definitely get success in case you are really passionate about it. Make it a point to consume healthily and also perform regular exercises as well as stay away from sugar and other processed food items totally!

What was the role played by ShapeFit in helping you to achieve your weight loss targets?

Well, I must confess that the weight reduction success stories of ShapeFit are simply incredible as well as inspiring!

Weight Reduction Loss Tips from Priyanka!

Weight Reduction Tip #1:

Consume a lesser amount of carbs.

Weight Reduction Tip #2:

Try to increase the intake of your protein.

Weight Reduction Tip #3:

Make it a point to consume plenty of water.

Weight Reduction Tip #4:

Try to perform strenuous workouts at least several times every week.

Weight Reduction Tip #5:

Try to remain motivated as well as disciplined.

Weight Reduction Eating Plan of Priyanka!

What is your normal diet for breakfast?

Well, my usual diet for breakfast is cottage cheese sandwich.

What do you prefer to eat for lunch?

Dal, one roti, a little amount of rice, raita as well as a salad.

What is your normal dinner menu?

My usual menu for dinner consists of one single roti as well as any green vegetable.

What is your usual menu for snacks?

My normal diet for snacks consists of salad or maybe juice, although, I like to consume some cookies or chocolate sometimes.

What sort of nutritional supplements are used by you?

I usually make use of Protinex along with milk as my regular nutritional supplement.

Weight Reduction Exercises of Priyanka!

How do you perform your weight training (workouts and exercises)?

I performed cardio during my weight loss quest along with some strength training, aerobics, walking as well as Zumba.

How do you perform your cardio training (workouts and exercises)?

Well, I perform several things for my cardio training which usually consists of cycling, treadmill and also utilizing the cross trainer machine.

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