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Megan's Amazing Weight Loss Story - Giving You the Extra Boost Forward

Name: Megan

Age: 23 years

Family Position: In a long-term relationship

Profession: Assistant Manager of a small business

Place of Birth: San Antonio, Texas

Height: 5'2"

Initial Weight: 155 pounds

Present Weight: 113 pounds

Present Waist Size: 31 inches

Weight Reduction Interview of Megan!

Exactly how much weight did you manage to lose?

I succeeded in losing 42 pounds as well as 5 pant sizes within a period of seven months (*).

At what time did you begin to feel frustrated with your weight?

I started getting obese after completing my graduation from high school. Since middle school, I have weighed more than 130 pounds although it did not seem to me like I was suffering from an issue till the scale went past the 150-pound mark.

What prompted you to decide to shed pounds?

Even though I was feeling self-conscious for a while, I was really turned on when somebody saw me and guessed that I was over 160 pounds. I felt very embarrassed and I realized that I needed to make a change. The 21st birthday of my close friend was soon coming up and I needed to become slim so that my clothes would fit me.

What significant changes were made by you to shed pounds?

I can credit my weight reduction to portion control as well as my commitment. I don't need to consume a snack every evening and I write down everything I eat.

What was the toughest thing you were required to confront with during your fat loss journey?

I found it very difficult to get the energy to perform exercises 5 times a week whilst maintaining my obligations, personal relationships, and a full-time job. I also felt it tough to deal with comments such as "you are very thin" or something like that. As a matter of fact, I am much happier and healthier than in the past.

Within how many days did you begin to notice the desired outcomes?

I began to feel that a significant change has been made after about 3 months. I did not observe the real difference in myself till I succeeded in reducing approximately 15 pounds after about 3 months (*).

Within how many days did you succeed in reaching your present weight?

I was able to reduce as much as 42 pounds within seven months (*).

Since how much time have you been maintaining this weight reduction and what are the most significant aspects to keep it off?

Although I managed to achieve my target of reducing 30 pounds after approximately six months, my fitness quest was continued for the past couple of months by working on muscle definition. I have reduced at least 12 pounds during that time and am standing at about 115 pounds since then (*).

How do you get the motivation for continuing your weight reduction journey?

I definitely get the required motivation from my previous photographs; however, my mother always encourages me when I find it really hard to continue.

How has your lifestyle altered after you had shed pounds?

I have found a renewed interest in clothes shopping. It is now possible for me to just pick up any garment from the shelves without thinking of whether it is going to fit me or not. Before I used to feel very frustrated about my figure but at present, I just want to show everybody that it is possible for anybody to achieve the figure that everybody dreams of!

What is your advice for the other individuals that are also trying to slim down?

Never get discouraged and never give up! I was required to go through ups and downs during my weight loss journey. But I was never discouraged. Never quit even though the scale does not show it because your body will continue to function much more efficiently than before.

Weight Reduction Tips from Megan!

Weight Reduction Tip #1:

Perform exercises every morning whenever possible. You can easily spend the entire day justifying the reason why you won't exercise but you just require to somehow motivate yourself to do it.

Weight Reduction Tip #2:

The main thing is portion control. Although I still continue to eat junk foods, I go for smaller portion sizes instead of the larger ones and I usually reserve the other half for lunch.

Weight Reduction Tip #3:

Try not to miss in excess of 2 days of exercising in a row. It will be extremely difficult to get back to your routine once it is broken. A weak workout is always better than nothing at all.

Weight Reduction Tip #4:

Try to perform exercises at your own residence. In fact, I visited a fitness center only once during my entire weight reduction quest and that too was to cancel the membership. You will be able to get hundred percent fitness at home at an affordable cost. When you have got the proper tools available to you, you will find it much simpler to "just do it".

Weight Reduction Tip #5:

Try to enjoy it! Since I feel bored with a particular routine very quickly, I like to set certain targets in front of me. I might concentrate on enhancing my mile speed one particular month, while I might consider working on developing my glutes on the other. These small targets will assist you to stay focused and also you won't feel monotonous with a particular routine.

Weight Reduction Eating Plan of Megan!

What is your usual breakfast menu?

I prefer to consume some black coffee every morning following it up with some peanut butter toast or fresh fruits. My mornings are usually very busy and I require consuming a proper meal in the morning to provide me with the required energy during the day.

What is your normal diet for lunch?

I usually consume the leftovers from the previous night's dinner for lunch. Thus, I do not feel the need to order sandwiches and pizza almost daily.

What do you usually consume for dinner?

I face the toughest challenge while eating my dinner. In fact, since I am very picky, I usually struggle to find recipes which are healthy and also easy to prepare. I just order out one time every week and have created a weekly menu which I usually stick to.

What is your normal diet for snacks?

Since I love eating chocolates, I sometimes like to consume some ice cream or maybe a candy bar. I believe in the fact that it will be very difficult to achieve your target if you totally avoid the food items that you love from your diet. Instead, try to consume some healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts and do not deprive yourself of your favorite treats every once in a while.

What sort of nutritional supplements you usually take?

Well, nothing at all!

Megan's Weight Reduction Workouts!

How do you perform weight lifting?

Although I find it really difficult to motivate myself to perform any sort of weight training, I find much easier to do circuit training. I mainly perform things which are comparatively light weight or body weight based. Besides this, I also prefer to do lunges and squats although sometimes I even prefer tricep dips, planks, and push-ups!

How do you perform your cardio training?

I like the idea of sprinting and although I was not able to cover much distance initially, now I can run for as much as 5 miles without any problem. I observed that after some time my body began to adapt to long sprints and I started to plateau in my weight reduction efforts. I included sprinting sessions into the cardio routine in order to counter this. Sprinting undoubtedly helps to avoid getting bored during the workout sessions.

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