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How Jill Vento Succeeded In Reducing 203 Pounds

Name: Jill

Age: 59 years

Family Status: Widow

Profession: Accounting

Place of Birth: Des Moines, Iowa

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Initial Weight: 375 pounds

Present Weight: 172 pounds

Present Waist Size: 24 inches

Jill's Weight Reduction Interview!

How many pounds did you lose?

I have succeeded in reducing 203 pounds and I also went to large tops as well as 12/14 bottom from a size 5X down!

When did you feel frustrated regarding your weight?

Although I've always suffered from obesity problems, I became concerned when my diabetes was diagnosed in March 2013.

What was responsible for your decision to shed pounds?

I became depressed when I lost both my husband as well as my mom in April 2012 within just 24 hours of each other. Then I was diagnosed with diabetes which really pushed me to start my quest of shedding pounds and I was on my way.

What significant alterations were made by you to shed pounds?

I started to walk in the airport terminal which happens to be the place of my work. It was undoubtedly the most significant thing which aided me and besides this, I also signed up for Weight Watchers while making modifications in my diet regime.

What was the toughest thing you were required to confront with during your weight reduction mission?

I found it too difficult to exercise since I was overweight and my knees were hurting me a lot. However, I started walking in the airport terminal for a few minutes initially and increased it to one hour gradually. One fellow employee of mine who saw me walking helped me a lot by measuring my route and thus I was able to comprehend the number of steps that I was actually walking.

How long it took for you to observe the desired outcomes?

I began to notice the results within just a month and my blood sugar levels went down within another 3 months. In other words, I got rid of my blood sugar issue within a period of 3 months.

Within how much time did you reach your present weight?

Well, I achieved my target of reaching my current weight within a period of one and a half years.

For how many years are you maintaining your weight reduction and what are the important aspects that are helping you to keep it off?

It has been almost one year since I have been maintaining my weight loss. I continue to go for walks and love to participate in dancing sessions as well as taking Zumba classes. At present, I can boast of having a considerable amount of energy and it seems to me as though I have been given another chance at life!

How do you get the motivation to continue your weight reduction success?

Actually, I am taking full interest in my life and am enjoying it tremendously. I love to venture out and mingle with the individuals outside. It makes me feel very healthy. In fact, all my previous health conditions have disappeared and surprisingly, I hardly take any medication. There is no requirement for me to make use of a CPAP machine since I do not suffer from asthma anymore. Even, my grandson is able to put his arms around me. I also get inspiration from the individuals around me and strangers even support me a great deal. I have a strong desire to help other individuals!

How your weight loss has helped to change your life eventually?

I am not a lazy sort of individual anymore and I always participate in dancing and also enjoy having a stroll while mixing with the individuals outside. I have got another chance and would like to help other individuals to understand the fact that when I was able to achieve it, so can they. One might compare me with a caterpillar who believed that her life was finished and then she turned out to be a butterfly. Now, I can even go to an outlet to purchase regular garments and there is no need for me to depend on any catalog anymore. It is always enjoyable seeing my friends and family who have not seen me for some time. I really find it exciting to look at their faces when they actually realize that it is me.

What is your advice for others who are also trying their best to shed pounds?

My advice to all those who are trying to slim down is that they will not be able to achieve the target in only one day and rather they have to proceed one step at a time. Try to forgive yourself for any small mistake that you might have done and keep moving.

What was the role played by ShapeFit to help you achieve your target of slimming down?

The key is education and it is really valuable to see the stories of individuals on who have been able to reduce their weight successfully. It is good to know that there are other individuals like you with the same type of weight loss problems. Furthermore, you will get the much-needed information as well as guidance from all the fitness articles published on ShapeFit.

Weight Reduction Tips from Jill!

Weight Reduction Tip #1:

Make it a habit of watching carbs and also writing them down while you eat.

Weight Reduction Tip #2:

Keep on moving! Try to start slowly and gradually make an effort to increase your steps.

Weight Reduction Tip #3:

Always consume plenty of water.

Weight Reduction Tip #4:

Never deprive yourself! Either consume smaller portions or go for a lower calorie version.

Weight Reduction Tip #5:

Make a vow never to give up!

Weight Reduction Eating Plan of Jill!

What is your usual menu for breakfast?

I usually consume vanilla Greek yogurt along with blackberries as well as fiber one cereal included.

What is your usual diet for lunch?

In the early stages, I used to consume a Weight Watchers frozen dinner, but right now my diet consists of a turkey sandwich along with celery or carrots.

What food do you normally consume for dinner?

My dinner menu usually consists of a salad with some type of protein. In fact, I never deprive myself. While I feel like having pizza, I consume the lowest carb frozen pizza on the market.

What is your normal diet for snacks?

Well, I usually eat fresh fruits and fat-free popcorn for snacks.

What sort of nutritional supplements are used by you?

I use a multivitamin as well as biotin.

Weight Reduction Workouts of Jill!

How do you perform your weight training?

I prefer to use hand weights and, besides this, I have a Total Gym as well.

How do you perform your cardio training?

I perform my cardio training simply by walking. I try to increase the speed of my walking every single day. I also adore Zumba and have been contemplating of joining a belly dance class. Besides this, I also prefer using “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” exercise DVDs of Richard Simmons plus I use an application known as "MapMyWalk" on my phone which helps me to keep track of my walking.

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