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How Holly Managed To Shed 105 Pounds

Name: Holly

Age: 30 years

Family Status: Engaged

Profession: Chef, Health Foods Retail, Above Nutrition and Fitness

Place of Birth: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Height: 6 feet

Initial Weight: 278 pounds

Present Weight: 173 pounds

Present Waist Size: 31 inches

Holly's Fat Loss Interview!

How much have you lost?

I have managed to reduce 105 pounds till now!

When did you start to feel frustrated regarding your weight?

I have been suffering from overweight issues all through my life. This was accepted by me since I knew that I was fond of eating. In fact, I got mental relief and comfort by consuming tasty food items. I hated myself for not having the determination and courage to avoid that unhealthy foodstuff. This is the worst feeling that I have ever experienced.

When did you take the decision to shed pounds?

I was undergoing an emotional pain within me and was always full of stress. This prevented me from overeating. There was an emptiness inside me which food was not able to fill. I started to shed fat, nutrients, and muscle. My close buddy Katie observed that I had already lost about 20 pounds. I got really motivated seeing that the scale had gone down to 258 pounds from 278 pounds. I tried my best to latch onto that and never let it go. I was able to transform myself with lots of help from my close associates and also my fiancé.

What important modifications did you make to reduce weight?

The most significant change was my consumption of food. We began to portion our foods with the help of "My Fitness Pal" which is actually an app. After getting an idea of how to portion the food, we started changing the stuff that we were eating. We began to lose weight by leaps and bounds once we adopted this method.

What was the toughest thing that you were required to encounter during you weight reduction quest?

Of course, most of the challenges were actually mental. Food will always be a mental challenge in my case. However, after observing the results, the addiction for that progress begins. You visualize yourself in a new way and start to believe that you don't need to be like this.

After how many days did you start to see the desired results?

Well, it took nearly 4 months. I was able to shed 60 pounds just by changing my food habits. At that point, my buddies began to see the transformation that occurred in me (*).

Within how much time were you able to reach your present weight?

I took nearly 1 year for that. With the change of my mindset, my life also changed and this enabled me to shed pounds quickly and also maintain it.

Did you suffer from any issues with loose skin after shedding pounds? If so, how you managed to overcome it?

I signed up for a boot camp fitness center after the initial 4 months of changing my diet habits. The name of the fitness facility was "Just Train Fitness" which was situated in my locality. Justin, the owner as well as the trainer, soon became my friend. I began to rely on him and he did his bit to push me. He always gave the extra effort to allow me to succeed and I participated in quite a few strength training sessions with him by my side. I never suffered from loose skin issues due to my determination to work out which would be impossible without Justin's help.

For how long are you maintaining this weight loss and what are the essential factors that are allowing you to keep it off?

I have been maintaining this weight loss for the last couple of years which is mainly possible due to my support system. It is primarily because of my fiancé that I am addicted to muscle building and strength training at present. What I have now are all the results of my hard labor and I do not suffer from lack of motivation any time.

How do you get the motivation to continue to shed pounds?

It is my own mind that keeps me motivated. I was able to rewire my brain to think about wellness and health every second nowadays. I owe a lot to my fiancé who has motivated me when things became tough for me. Our daughters also compliment us for being healthy and they even exercise with us on a regular basis. Besides this, I must thank my friends and family members who have never let us down.

How has your lifestyle altered after losing weight?

I never imagined that my life would be like this. Right now, I just breathe nutrition and fitness. The same can be said of my family. In fact, we have centered our career around our physical fitness. I want the people to undergo the same type of situations that I had to face while achieving my goal. I want to motivate them and wish to be a living proof in front of them.

What is your advice for others that are trying to reduce weight?

Just take one entire year out of your life. It’s simply your willpower; there isn't any magic behind this. You struggle for a year and I guarantee you that your world will change forever. Fight for it and achieve it!

Weight Loss Tip #1:

Try to find a friend whether it is your family member, a stranger or a colleague. He or she will never allow you to fail.

Weight Loss Tip #2:

Portion whatever you eat!

Weight Loss Tip #3:

Take care of what you are actually consuming. Don't take food as a reward or even a motivation. It is your fuel.

Weight Loss Tip #4:

Do not allow the scale to dictate the results. In fact, as I am getting slim, my weight is slowly increasing.

Weight Loss Tip #5:

Fight it out and never give up!

What is your usual menu for breakfast?

Usually, I prefer a Vega shake every morning. Otherwise, I like to consume carbs which help to satisfy my urge for carbs during the day.

What do you consume at lunch?

My favorite menu for lunch is fresh vegetables and hummus or maybe salads stuffed with avocados.

What is your preferred dinner menu?

Dinner is usually cooked at our house for the entire week. Our main food items are chicken, greens, grains as well as turkey. Our kids just love eating turkey taco for dinner.

What do you like to consume for snacks?

Only a few almonds or perhaps a protein bar will be my preferred snack food. Also, I like to prepare my own snacks such as energy bites.

What sort of nutritional supplements do you use?

I simply love everything Vega. I adore their bars, shakes, workout supplements, etc.

How do you perform weight training?

I am addicted to weight training and perform everything such as deadlifts, sweeps, presses, lifting, and bodyweight circuits.

How do you perform your cardio training?

I am a fan of outdoor cardio like biking, sprinting and climbing stairs. I like to set goals and achieve them.

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