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Top 6 Foods That Make You Lose Weight

How would you feel if that piece of chocolate you ate was not only delicious, and healthy but also made you achieve you weight loss goal?, well maybe chocolate would do the magic, but research shows that there are certain foods that if included in your diet has nutritional values and at the same time help you achieve your weight loss goals. The trick behind weight loss is pretty simple; you have to eat valued nutritional diet that has low calories than ones your body require to burn. By this I mean, if you ate a pound of carrots they will fill you up quite quickly but with only some few calories, on the other hand eating a piece of cheeseburger will see your gain weight at a rate you wouldn’t want to be on the weighing scale.

You must be wondering whether you are supposed to be eating the non-attractive foods such as carrots and bird foods all the time. No! Weight loss requires foods that are high in water, nutrients, and fiber but low on calories. There are a variety of foods that makes you lose weight that you can easily reach to and keep the slim shape you always dreamed of. The golden rule in this case, is avoiding processed foods and go for natural product, by this I mean that if you eat real foods and minimize on processed foods, for instance, go for the natural plain nuts as opposed to processed ones. Below is a list of foods that make you lose weight that you have been looking for.

1. Watermelon

Hello, Hydration! Behind its pretty color of watermelon is not only juicy but offers antioxidant lycopene. This fruit will keep you hydrated, and it’s delicious at the same. This is a key to weight loss; the reason as to why many people overeat is due to the confusion of dehydration and hunger. When dehydrated you might think that you are hungry and add yourself several unnecessary calories. But with a bite of this juicy fruit, you can easily avoid this mistake and avoid weight gain. The same case with water, as a weight loss candidate you should always have a bottle of water close to you. When you feel hungry, you take a seep to avoid the confusion of dehydration and hunger. This way you will take in the right thing that the body requires and at the same time delaying food intake and thus fewer calories intake which could work magic for you.

2. Sweet potatoes

Looking to cut on carbohydrates, long live sweet potatoes! This is what you need. According to Dr. Abbey Sharp enjoying more fibers rich foods such as fruits, grains and vegetables will be more effective in your health and reduction of weight than eating the refined foods. Refined foods are the ones responsible for spiking the level of blood sugar quickly. This is where this magical food comes in; serving you with just enough energy for your body at an average of 1grams of the healthy carbs and 7gm of fiber this will also keep your skin glowing.

3. Oats

Another type of food that makes you lose weight is oats. The rolled and steel cast oat have up to five grams contained per each serving. Make this part of your meal. The instant servings contain up to 2 to 4 grams per each serving. If your aim is this kind of energy, be sure to skip the versions with the added sugar. Your body requires this kind of complex carbohydrates as they are complicated mesh of molecules. With this in your meals losing weight will be a walk in the park.

4. Boiled potatoes

For some reason, people tend to forget the nutritional value associated with this wonderful food. When is the last time you took this for breakfast? Research shows that there has been a considerably large group of people that have been living with the support of potatoes only. Potatoes are well known for their high content of potassium that plays a vital role in blood pressure reduction. This is because the food is low on sugar and hence a good health diet for your body. On the satiex scale index, potatoes score highest on the scale that measured among the important boiled foods.
After boiling the potatoes and allowing them to cool, they will form a large layer that is resistant and fiber-like substance that has all sorts of benefits that includes weight loss.

5. Beans and legumes

Some of the legumes responsible for weight loss include kidney beans, black beans, and others.
These kinds of food are well known for their high content of fiber and protein which are the two main nutrients proved to be the leader in weight loss. The foods also are resistance to starch, making them perfect for weight loss diet. The main challenge in this case, is that majority of people have a hard time tolerating with legumes and this calls for them to be cooked and prepared carefully with a lot of caution.

6. Leafy greens

On your weight loss challenge basket, there should be a bunch of leafy greens. These include Swiss chards, spinach, collards, and kale. These foods have properties that are perfect for weight loss diet. They are not only low on calorie, but they are also loaded with fibers. Eating these leafy greens is a good way to increase your food volume intake with low intake of calories. Various studies show that diets that leafy greens are low in energy density are perfect for low calorie intake in overall.
The leafy greens are also equipped with incredible nutritious values and are high in minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Other foods that you should look into consideration are:
a) Whole eggs
b) Avocado
c) Apples
d) Salmon
e) Tuna
f) Soups
g) Cottage cheese
h) Chili pepper and some whole grains

Final verdict

The foods that you take in are vital for your weight loss or gain. If weight loss is your plan, you have to be careful about the foods that you take in. With above foods that make you lose weight in your diet, you should lose weight and gain the perfect shape that you dreamed of. Give the foods above a trail and thank me later.

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