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Top 6 Body Exercise For Weight Loss

If you want to shed pounds, it is imperative to burn more calories than what you are actually gaining. This will be possible by means of exercise. If you increase the intensity of your workouts, you will not require eating lesser quantities of food. For instance, in case you need to eliminate 500 calories daily, you can do half the amount at the fitness center and the rest by maintaining a strict diet. In other words, you can achieve this by staying away from chips during the day and making use of the elliptical machine for half an hour. It is only you who will be able to make a significant difference. All you need is motivation and self-confidence. You should believe in your own abilities and each morning you must tell yourself that you can do it. Be patient and don’t give up easily. In this article, we will mention several top body exercise for weight loss.

1. High-Intensity Interval Training

Intensity is the secret for maximizing the advantages of your exercises. High-intensity Interval Training or simply HIIT involves brief intervals of workouts which are performed at optimum effort followed by extensive recovery periods. The efforts you actually put in while performing the workouts will determine how fast you will begin to observe the desired outcomes. The result? The fat-burning capacity of your system enhances and you begin to slim down. There is an increment in the release of the growth hormones and thus fat starts getting used up as fuel. Consequently, your brief period of workout is able to burn more fat as compared to a strenuous sprint around the block. HIIT allows the muscles to function harder and burn an increasing amount of fuel. Therefore, it is undoubtedly an efficient technique to aid you in shedding excess weight.

2. Walking

Are you aware of the fact that if you are able to walk for 30 minutes at a brisk pace you will be able to burn as much as 150 calories daily? You typically tend to ignore walking while thinking of losing weight significantly. But bear in mind that walking happens to be the easiest form of weight reducing workout. Try to walk for 30 minutes thrice every week in case you are just a beginner and you can definitely increase the duration with the advent of time. Your aim ought to be walking for 1 hour daily at least 6 days per week. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your sneakers, switch on the music and start walking.

3. Strength Training

Although many of us do believe that performing weight will increase the bulk, it actually enables you to shed pounds and enhance your metabolism forever. Therefore, do not hesitate to proceed to the weight room and question yourself why you started in case you ever feel like giving up. By losing weight you’ll be able to build your muscles. Circuit training is another option which helps you to burn at least 30% more calories as compared to a regular weight exercise and it does this by allowing you to move quickly from one workout to the next. This particular body exercise for weight loss will help to get rid of excess fat and also sculpt muscle while burning as much as 10 calories every minute.

4. Swimming

Swimming happens to be yet another excellent body exercise for weight loss which will allow you to become stronger and fitter than ever before. You’ll be able to burn up to 700 calories every hour by swimming vigorously whether you perform freestyle or a breaststroke. It is one of the most popular forms of exercise for toning and weight reduction. All of our major muscle groups become engaged by swimming and this includes our abdominal and back muscles as well as those present on our arms, legs, glutes and hips. Although you might perform swimming as your only form of exercise, you’ll get a better result by combining it with other workouts such as running and walking. Therefore, do not think twice and start swimming while losing weight and feeling great.

5. Squats

In case you are unable to eradicate the excess fat around the butt as well as the thighs, do not be worried. By performing squats properly, you’ll be able to engage the entire lower body as well as the core. Squat is an effective body exercise for weight loss which is most popular among the bodybuilders as well as athletes all over the world. They will help to burn excess fat from the glutes as well as the thighs and also get back in shape very quickly. After getting accustomed to the workout, it is possible to change the speed and try innovative variations such as barbell squats, pistol squats as well as jump squats.

6. Exercise the abs

It is time to bid farewell to your love handles. Abdominals, which is collectively referred to as the core, includes lots of interconnected muscles which stretch down right to the butt as well as the front and inner thighs. Abdominals do not include the fat which is seen apparently while you’re moving wearing your skin tight jeans. Below are a few weight reduction workouts which will help to keep you slim and trim.

a. Crunches - Lie down on the back with your hands at the back of your head and your knees bent. Raise the shoulders from the floor and bend your legs toward the ribcage at the same time. Come back to the original position slowly.

b. Low Belly Leg Reach - Lie down with your face looking up and the knees bent to about 90 degrees while keeping your hands behind your head and the abs contracted. Keep your knees stacked over your hips and raise the shoulder while crunching up; slowly inhale and for about 3 seconds. Following this, exhale slowly by extending the legs to about 45 degrees. Hold on for approximately 5 seconds whilst squeezing your lower belly. Perform 2 sets of 10 reps.

c. Planks - After kneeling on the ground on all of your four hands under your shoulders directly, stretch the legs back one by one to come into a plank pose and also involve the abdominal muscles. It is essential that your body is long as well as straight. Next, after holding for a couple of minutes, drop back all of your four legs. Leave it like this for a couple of minutes and then drop back on all the 4 legs. It is not going to be easy but still will be worth it. Therefore, you can rightly say that planks are a great body exercise for weight loss.

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