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How To Make Exercise Weight Loss Work For You

A combination of healthy eating and exercise is required to lose weight. It is possible to do one without the other but you will not get the same amazing results. I am going to assume you have the diet part of your plan covered so let's solely cover how to exercise weight loss. There are so many advantages to working out - not only will you drop those pounds even quicker, you will be making your body stronger and healthier. You might be one of those people who absolutely HATE working out but there really is something for everyone. Once you find what works for you, it will become an integral part of your life that makes you happy. Let's take a look at different exercise weight loss out there, so that you can start getting results!

Start off slowly

Depending on your current fitness level and how active you are as a person, you are probably going to want to start off slowly when you exercise. This will give your body a chance to adapt to your new lifestyle and you can be rest assured that your endurance will improve over time. You should not be working out every day, twice a week is fine at first and you can increase this as your stamina improves. Your exercise regime shouldn't be too drastic either. Why not just start off by walking more than you usually would or taking the stairs instead of an elevator? These things might sound small but they will make a difference and motivate you to go even further.

Cardio is important

The exercise weight loss that raises your heart rate the most, boosts your metabolism and helps you burn the maximum amount of calories is cardiovascular exercise. This includes things like walking, running, swimming, dancing and things of that nature. The great thing about cardio is that you do not have to join a gym to do it. There are many effective cardio based workouts on youTube that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Some people might feel too self conscious about working out in public or can't afford a gym membership, so cardio that you can do using your body weight is ideal.

Other types of exercise weight loss

Once you've started working out and feel like your fitness is improving, why not introduce a few more exercises into your regime? Toning exercises will help you get definition in your body and still burn calories too. Sit ups, crunches, lunges and squats are really great in helping you achieve that amazing body you have always wanted. There are many other toning exercises you can do too however, so just search online for some inspiration. You should also consider adding dumbbells to the moves you are doing, to feel the burn even more. If you really want to get into weight training,
joining a gym is obviously an option and might be right for you depending on your end goal.

If you really want to exercise weight loss but you don't like any of the options that have been suggested so far, there are lots of other activities that might work for you! Why not look for clubs in your local area, whether that be dancing, yoga or some sort of sport? Some people find exercise more fun when they are doing it with other people who are in the same situation. In fact - it often doesn't feel like hard work at all, when you find something you enjoy doing. It might not be easy to find something that is right for you but I promise when you do, you will look forward to working out! Apparently it takes a little while to make something a habit which is why it's important to work out on certain days of the week, at the same time. Humans thrive off routine and exercise is no different so you really need that determination to get where you want to be.

Things to keep in mind

- It's so important to drink plenty of water when you exercise weight loss. Staying hydrated is vital in exercising as hard as possible and giving you the energy to go until the end. Water will also help you lose weight because it will fill you up and flush your body of everything bad.

- Staying motivated when starting a new fitness regime is really important and one way to do this, is to track your progress. When you are exercise weight loss, you will be building muscle which is actually heavier than fat. By keeping this in mind, it's more accurate to take measurements instead of weighing yourself. Measure your waist, hips, thighs and any other parts of your body that you want to slim down. Record this number on a weekly basis and when you see results, you will want to keep going even more to reach your goal.

- Don't be too strict on yourself, nobody is perfect and starting a new lifestyle can be hard work. If you miss a day or two of exercise, it really isn't the end of the world. Being aware of your habits and working to change them for the better is what is important. If you fall off the wagon, just work out extra hard next time or eat even healthier!

- You cannot out-exercise a bad diet, this basically means you need to be eating right to really see results. Eating well will make you lose weight much faster and it will also give you the energy you need to get you through your workouts.


Now that you know more about different exercises, I hope you've got some motivation to get your body moving! The key is really trying different things until you find something you enjoy doing. Although weight loss is largely due to diet, exercise weight loss is important too. Working out will boost your metabolism and also help you to tone all those parts of your body where you require a little definition. Start your new exercise regime today and your only regret will be that you hadn't done it sooner!

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