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How Did Amanda Markelz Manage To Lose 137 Pounds?

Name: Amanda
Age: 23
Family Status: Single
Profession: Medical Laboratory Scientist
Birthplace: Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Height: 5’10”
Initial Weight: 297 pounds
Present Weight: 160 pounds
Present Waist Size: 29.5″

Amanda’s Weight Reduction Interview!

How much weight did you lose?

I have managed to reduce as much as 137 pounds over a period of 4 years! (*) In high school, I began at a pants size of 3Xl top and 26. At present, after completing my graduation, I have a medium top and a pants size of 12!

When did your weight make you feel disappointed?

While I was a kid, I was quite active in sports, but I was always obese. My friends taunted me for my obesity. I even took the help of dieticians to get rid of the problem. During my school days, I was not able to wear any clothes that fitted me and this made me quite depressed.

What motivated you to shed pounds?

When I was going to attend the college I was confronted with some health issues that made me feel scared to lose weight. I was suffering from an autoimmune ailment and I comprehended that the only solution for this was to improve my overall health condition. Fortunately, I was able to overcome the problem once I became healthy.

What were the most significant changes that were implemented by you in order to reduce weight?

I was in the habit of drinking as many as 4 soda cans daily. But I managed to reduce the consumption of soda as well as sugary snacks and I also made lots of modifications to my regular diet routine. I have become quite active as compared to before and have taken exercise as a hobby and not something that would make me scared. The toughest thing that I faced was to stay away from sugary food items and my usual diet consisted mainly of veggies though it included fish and seafood.

What was the most difficult thing that you encountered while losing weight?

The toughest thing that I faced was to develop willpower and also to avoid sugary foods. I usually took ice cream and pizzas at lunch, but I had to avoid them.

Within how many days did you begin to observe the desired results?

I started noticing changes within several months of my weight reduction journey and by the time I completed the first year of my college I managed to reduce 75 pounds (*). After the completion of my graduation, I reduced 137 pounds and am still maintaining that weight at present (*).

How much time was required by you to reach your present weight?

It took almost 4 years to do that.

Did you face any problems with loose skin after the weight loss? If so, then how did you manage to deal with that?

Yes, I had to face issues with loose skin and although I didn’t take the help of any surgical procedure, I tried quite a few methods to resolve it. I lift weights, body scrub and also make use of wraps to minimize cellulite and excess skin. However, it will not be possible for me to avoid the stretch marks.

For how long are you maintaining the weight loss and what are the factors that have aided you to keep it off?

I have been maintaining this weight reduction for several years. Although I still face the temptation to enjoy a tasty meal, I have made exercise and a healthy diet a part of my daily routine. In short, I have made an overall change in my regular lifestyle. I enjoy performing weight lifting and yoga which have provided me with amazing results.

How you get the motivation to lose weight?

It is my health which motivates me. I love to enjoy my life and safeguard my body from any detrimental things. I love traveling and don't want my health to be an issue.

What changes are you observing now in your lifestyle after the weight loss?

I have a lot more energy to perform things efficiently and lead a healthy lifestyle. I find pleasure to go for shopping and also guiding others how to lose weight successfully. I like to share my experiences with other individuals that I faced during my weight reduction journey.

What would you like to advise others who also want to slim down?

Never quit. You will always face ups and downs while attempting to lose weight but you should never give up. Above everything else, make sure to maintain a good health.

Did Shapefit assist you in accomplishing your goals?

Yes, will provide the required motivation to you for reducing weight.

Weight loss tips from Amanda!

Weight Loss Tip #1:

Make it a point to stay from sugary food items since these will prevent you from reaching your target.

Weight Loss Tip #2:

Try to find any activity that you enjoy such as going to a class or playing some sports. Being active is essential for slimming down.

Weight Loss Tip #3:

Consume food only when you're actually hungry and not while you are feeling bored. I'm in the habit of eating a lot when I feel stressed or anxious. Although tasty meals will provide you with comfort, it will never be helpful for you to lose weight. I was forced to eat only when I was starving.

Weight Loss Tip #4:

Smaller portions are the secret of your success. Make use of measuring cups to minimize the size of your dishes. Portions play an important role while shedding pounds.

Weight Loss Tip #5:

It is very crucial to remain hydrated and, therefore, make it a point to consume lots of water. Apart from preventing us from becoming dehydrated, water also aids us to feel full. It also increases our energy level while performing our day-to-day activities.

Weight Reduction Eating Plan from Amanda!

What is your usual diet for breakfast?

Eggs, yogurt, and oatmeal. I usually don't have much time in the morning and when I do have some free time I like to have avocado toast.

What do you normally consume for lunch?

Sandwiches, salads, or leftovers. I always make certain that I am getting the 3 vital macronutrients (carbs, fat, and protein). For carbs, I usually take rice. I prefer grilled chicken, tuna or fish for my protein. For fats, my usual diet consists of peanut butter as well as trail mix along with coconut oil or olive oil.

What is your usual diet for dinner?

My main focus for dinner is on consuming plenty of salads, soups, and lettuce wraps. I make sure that I receive the 3 vital macronutrients while consuming my meals throughout the day.

What you prefer to eat for snacks?

My preferred snacks happen to be apple with peanut butter and carrots with hummus. Homemade granola bars are also a part of my diet since I can choose the ingredients.

What are the nutritional supplements that you take?

I usually do not take any nutritional supplement apart from a daily probiotic.

Weight Reduction Workouts from Amanda!

What you prefer to do for weight training?

Doing yoga and lifting weights are two of my favorite activities. These form an important part of my daily workouts. I love to build strength by lifting weights and yoga aids me with gratification as well as mindfulness. It aids in increasing my muscle volume and also toning my body.

What are your activities for cardio training?

Cycling, as well as spinning classes, are my favorites. They help to enhance your heart rate and also burn off the excess fat. I also enjoy walking and hiking that too help me to slim down.

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