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Best Routine For Weight Loss - Lose Excess Fat and Appear Great

How is it possible to lose weight, develop lean muscle and get a ripped and attractive figure in the shortest period of time? The solution to this is not difficult: a combination of strength training and HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Although it is not groundbreaking, this particular method has proved to be quite successful in helping one to get the figure of his or her dreams. Being metabolically active, muscles will help you to burn calories even when you are at rest. In fact, you will be able to burn more calories in case you have got more muscles. Bear in mind that it is not prudent to depend on the scale for monitoring your progress since muscle happens to be denser as compared to fat. You will be able to observe the results by looking at the mirror and also every single time you put on your tight fitting jeans. In this article, we will talk about the best routine for weight loss.

1. Single-Leg Deadlift

This particular workout will be the first in this list of the best routine for weight loss and it will give an immaculate definition to your booty by focusing on the hamstrings and glutes.

How to perform it: Using an overhand grip get hold of a couple of dumbbells and hold them in front of the thighs at your arm's length. Stand upright with both of your feet a bit apart and the knees bent slightly. Ensure that your weight is shifted into one leg. Do not alter the bend in your knee and after bending at the hips lower the torso till it becomes almost parallel to the ground (your weight should be maintained as close to your body as feasible). After pausing for a while, go back to the standing position. Make it a point to keep the back arched naturally all through the entire movement. Perform 8 reps on each side.

2. Split Squat Jumps

The next best routine for weight loss is the split squat jump. Apart from burning off calories, this workout helps to engage every single muscle within our system.

How to perform it: Bend both your knees and come into a lunge pose. Ensure that the front knee is on top of the ankle. Both the arms must be brought back while you lower yourself down into a lunge. Following this, switch your feet in the air after jumping off the floor. Gently land with the other foot forward in a lunge position. Go on switching at a rapid pace. Ensure that your chest is raised and also swing the arms forward while you jump. Perform 5 jumps for each side.

3. Squat to Press

Squats come next in this list of best routine for weight loss. These will aid you to get a firm butt, slim thighs as well as toned hamstrings. You can engage your shoulders as well as the core all the time by incorporating the press.

How to perform it: Stand upright with both of your feet a bit apart after grabbing a set of dumbbells. After bending the elbows, bring your weight to the height of your shoulder. Shift your hip back as if you're sitting in a chair and lower yourself down into a squat. Go back to the standing position and place the weights overhead directly. Next, while lowering immediately into your subsequent squat, lower the weight back to the height of your shoulder. The movement must be continued for as many as 10 reps at a brisk pace.

4. Broad Jumps

By performing this workout, just like the other jumps, you will be able to enhance your heart rate, burn off calories faster and also engage every single muscle. Apart from this, your general athletic performance is going to be improved.

How to perform it: Stand upright with both of your feet a bit apart and your knees a bit bent. After bending your knees even further, extend the arms behind you quickly. Next, jump forward explosively whilst swinging the arms forward. Land gently in an athletic pose by bending the knees a bit. Make it a point not to shake or bounce at all and remain steady by using your core. Perform as many as 8 reps.

5. Plank with Dumbbell Row

Planks will prove to be the most useful workout for you when it comes to reinforcing your muscles present in the abdomen which will help to make your stomach flat. Apart from this, you will also develop strength as well as the definition in your shoulders, upper back, biceps as well as triceps.

How to perform it: After grabbing a dumbbell set, get into a plank pose with both of your feet a bit apart from each other. Next, brace the core while lifting one dumbbell from the floor in a rowing motion. After bringing back the weight to the floor, change the sides. Go on alternating at a brisk pace. Ensure that the hips are kept as still as feasible, while the legs are engaged all the time. Perform 8 reps for each side.

6. Jump Rope

The sixth workout in our listing of the best routine for weight loss happens to be the Jump Rope. By performing this particular workout, you will be able to obtain the advantages of cardio exercises without investing a lot of time for it.

How to perform it: Make it a point to remain light on the feet while lifting your chest gradually. Also, swing the rope by using your wrist more than the arm. Make certain that the elbows are kept fixed at one particular place. Perform this exercise for about a minute.

7. Walking Lunge with Bicep Curl

You will be able to develop strength in your core, quadriceps, glutes as well as the upper body. This will aid you to enhance your stability and balance plus the dynamic flexibility in the ankle, knees as well as the hip joints.

How to perform it: Stand upright after grabbing a couple of dumbbells and hold the weights by the sides. After bending both the knees, keep the front one directly on top of the ankle. Drive off your big toe’s ball so that it comes up in a standing pose. Keeping the foot off the floor, bend the dumbbells up toward the shoulders. The elbows should be fixed in place at all times. Go on doing this by stepping your foot which is raised forward into a lunge. Perform 10 reps on each of the legs.

8. Sprints

Our last workout in this list of the best routine for weight loss will be the sprint. This is helpful for enhancing the total athletic performance and also keeping the entire body strong and thin.

How to perform it: You must begin in a lunge pose with the back at an angle of 45 degrees and your weight shifted in the forward direction. Take bouncy steps forward after driving through the big toe. Take rest for approximately 30 seconds after 10 yards before commencing the next sprint. The hips must be shifted forward quickly in order to repeat the movement once more. Perform 5 sprints.

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